Description:Mademoiselle Sophia had such a wonderful time visiting Paris, the city of lights, but now it's time for her to continue her trip around the world with another great destination: China. She will spend about 4 months here because she needs to gather some information for a book she plans to write this year, but mostly... she's very interested to pick up some Chinese and she would also like to discover more things about their unique, traditional fashion. But before anything else, she would like to spend her very first day in China at the spa to relax and get her complexion refreshed after such a long trip. Well girls, here is where cute Sophia needs your great beauty services and here is where you are invited to get our brand-new makeover game started and help her prepare for her vacation in China. Begin Sophia's beautifying session by removing the last traces of makeup with a delicate cleanser and then make sure to apply the cucumber and roses face masks in order to obtain a glowing and healthy look for her complexion! Once you're done dealing with her facial treatment, you're getting the chance to show off your fashion adviser and make-up artist skills as well and for that you girls are invited to go to the next page of the 'Sophia In China Makeover' game and choose a colorful, traditional Chinese outfit to dress her up with. Accessorize your selection with a matching pair of shoes, glittering jewelries, a girly-girl new hairstyle and a bright make-up look, as well.