Description:Having silky, smooth legs is the desire of every girl I know and today, with our brand-new beauty game, you girls will discover the secrets hidden behind a successful home shaving session that will provide that so much desired look for your gorgeous legs. First of all, you ladies should know that shaving your legs is a fine art that takes precision and skill and besides a few special tools made for women, it also requires some time and a correct preparation. Each shaving session starts with a warm bubble bath meant to soften your skin and open the pores, which will give you a closer shave. Then you get to apply your favorite shaving cream, making sure to create a light layer over the legs. Now pick up your favorite type of razor and start shaving your legs against the grain! Use cold water to remove any bits of cream and then pamper your legs with a soft towel. After your shaving session is complete, slather on some moisturizer in order to make your legs look smoother for longer. Great job, girls! Now that your legs look silky gorgeous you can start wondering what lovely dress, chic hairstyle and colorful makeup look you can use to accessorize your adorable look with today! Have a great time playing the 'Silky Smooth Legs' makeover game!