Description:Flowers are the most stylish items of every season. With bright colors and sheer petals, they are competing with world models. Do delicate, so lightly scented and so cheerful.You know that every girl is a flower. Her sparkling personality matches one delightful flower. There is a new flower shop in town: Blossoms! Katie had the courage to start a new business, a cute flower shop. Help Katie prepare for the grand opening of Blossoms, Katie's flower shop. Your decorating skills are needed in here. There are so many flowers and arrangements and she can't decide how to decorate the flower shop.You can choose from forms, patterns, colors, leaves, stems. Your duty is to combine a few flowers and arrange them into a bright, colorful bouquet. Mix and match in a daring way, don't be shy and use all the colors you have and remember that your art work will steal the spotlight in every home. After you are done arranging the bouquets, click around the shop to change wallpapers, flours, floral arrangements, colors, and much more! While decorating, keep in mind that first impressions are really important and you need to make Blossoms a really welcoming place, a little corner of Eden. Which color is the one that you like the best? What is your favorite flower? Enjoy this decoration game!