Description:This girl has been partying all night long and now she needs a beauty facial treatment to refresh her so she can face the new day ahead. She has heard of the miraculous properties of fresh mint, and she has heard that your beauty salon is offering treatments based on it. So help her get a makeover that will make her feel rejuvenated! Apply a delicate cleanser that will clean off her pores from any impurities, use a steamer in which you can put some fresh mint leaves that will open up her pores, make the dark circles under her eyes go away with a refreshing eye lotion, pop out her pimples, apply a nourishing cream that will hydrate her skin, apply a face mask with lime that will give her skin a natural glow and use a pair of tweezers to define her eyebrows. Complete her makeover by applying a colorful make up that will emphasize all her best features. You can use an eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, contact lenses and lipstick. Dress her up in a very elegant outfit in blue or green shades and accessorize her look with some precious jewelry. Have an incredible time playing Fresh Mint Makeover!