Description:The secrets to having beautiful, foxy nails is to take care of them, using top quality products and also give them a nice shape and choose the most brilliant colors and accessories. Here, at Foxy Nails Secrets, we know all about having perfect nails. First, you have to choose one of the three nail types, so that our manicurist know what technique to apply for it. Then, after obtaining the shape, the next step is to pick the polish from our great variety of colors, specially obtained for our salon, by a leading, world cosmetic company. Once you nails are colored in the way you like, you can choose the pattern, whether it is checkers, dots (simple or multicolored), stripes or French. You can also accessorize the nails, by applying on the bottom part, some cute red ribbons, delicate snowflakes or, why not, some pretty foxes. One of the last secrets for some foxy nails consists of putting on some matching bracelets so that your hands look perfect. Now you are ready to show off your amazing foxy nails in all kinds of occasions, but without revealing the secrets that are behind them. So have lots of fun with our new game, named 'Foxy Nails Secrets'!